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37. Pudgemouth. Nerd. Seattle.

I play the games and do the nerd shits.

Favs+ Tea, Amaterasu, NES, Agro, HK, KDramas, Paganism, Makeup boys, Tacos, Sushis.

Current obsession: Saint Seiya


actually just going to post my favorite pictures of us because I’m going through them and getting feels.

the top picture is one of the first pictures we took together and was the first time I had visited. I can honestly say my adoration for this foxyboy has only grown tremendously since then and will continue to do so with every single day that passes.  everything he is is all that I need and I couldn’t fathom a better way to spend my life than by his side.  I love you.

Cutest couple forever! xo

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Lucahjin with a “MY BALLS” plush. (Looks like Eeyore imo)

I love it

Grá na fírinne - love of truth →


I was always quite clear about where I was going.
I just took some ways longer to get here.

Pale golden-green fields,
soft grassy green fields.
In the long afternoons
in the sun.

Meet with me, love,
just some eternity here
(just pick one out… maybe later).

We will find ourselves here,
at least one afternoon…

RIP Donovan

煙突 </3

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Untitled on We Heart It.

Chuggaaconroy goes dumpster diving.


(From Lucah’s Stream)



You know…some things, Jon Snow (x)

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