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-+Here’s the Scenario+-

Pudgemouth. Nerd. Seattle.

I play the games and do the nerd shits.

Favs+ Tea, Amaterasu, NES, Agro, HK, KDramas, Paganism, Makeup boys, Tacos, Sushis.

Current obsession: Saint Seiya


I coloured a thing I drew for Lucah! I decided to upload it here instead of Tumblr because of the detail I put in.

I may keep this design of her, if I ever do an animation with her in it.

The most accurate thing I’ve seen today


Confirmed for Brawl

Book 1 - Book 3

An autobiography.

Oh…… my…….. god……..

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Posted 1 week ago with 93 notes

"Su’s right. You’re never gonna change. You’ll always gonna be a bitter lonely woman"



Here’s a cute Liam for everyone’s enjoyment. :3

Fanart doesn’t get much better than this


Mandatory selfie in hot tub~♥ ;) YEAH. /shot

Whooooooaaaaaaaaa :O